To help disadvantaged people in the UK by financing and supporting existing charities.

We primarily aim to support charities and programmes that specifically deal with the problems that arise from “transitional issues” within disadvantaged communities in the UK.

In 2007, The AD Trust commissioned a report on transitional issues from New Philanthropy Capital. This report , “Rights of Passage: Supporting Disabled Young People through the Transition to Adulthood”, can be downloaded from NPC’s Website. The trustees believe the issues highlighted in the report remain valid today.


  • To provide c. £100,000 – £150,000.00 to eligible charities on a yearly basis
  • To extend and build on relationships with existing funded charities
  • To focus on the evaluation of grantee charities
  • To be a ‘value added’ giver to charity
  • To deepen the trustees knowledge of transitional issues and hone our collective expertise in this area
  • To make the Trust’s internal workings more clear and efficient
  • To evaluate the Trust’s performance
  • To further consolidate our financial plans

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