The AD Trust receives applications directly from charities who require financial support for specific projects or resources. We try to provide comment and help on the operational execution of any projects we fund. We can also fund core costs.

The AD Trust typically works with smaller programmes or charities, where greater levels of operational support might be required.

Guidelines on how to submit an application

An email or letter of application is all that is necessary at first, giving an outline of the project, how you intend to evaluate the project, a detailed costing and the organisation’s existing sources of finance. The letter should also include information on other applications (including those to statutory sources and the Lottery) that have been made. Please also say if you have applied to or received a grant previously from The AD Trust. Please include annual accounts, but please do not send videos, tapes or bulky reports. They will not be returned.

The trustees may want to visit the project before agreeing to fund an application. This may mean a delay, as it is only possible to visit a small part of the country between each trustees’ meeting. Three months is the minimum it can take to award a grant. We normally aim to make all funding decisions in the last quarter of the year.

Applications can be made at any time, however funding decisions are made in December each year and that is when grants are paid out. We receive far more applications which fall within our guidelines than The AD Trust can afford to fund, so please do not feel too discouraged if we have to say “No” to you.

The AD Trust’s intention is to fund projects working in the UK with disadvantaged people, with an emphasis on self-help, building esteem and enabling people to reach their potential.

Grants are made for both capital and recurrent costs, however please read the ‘We do not generally support’ section below carefully, as it is possible that the particular aspect of your application rather than the general purpose of your organisation may be excluded.

Grants are usually in the £5,000 to  £30,000 range.

No applications from individuals are considered. The project must be a registered charity or be under the auspices of one.

For guidelines on what we do and do not fund, please click on the links below.

We do not generally support

Where to submit applications